One of the biggest things that has made a difference in my athletic life is proper fueling for the work that I'm doing. One of my favorite options for higher intensity or when packability is key is a gel. So, when some Green Moose Fuel made its way into my fridge, thanks to my partner, I got pretty excited. This "sport mousse" currently comes in two versions. The namesake version is a 3oz. 180 calorie snack. While they're 1oz. 60 calorie coffee flavored is slated as more of a pre-workout pick-me-up or mid-adventure booster.

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  • 2 varieties - Original and Coffee
  • 180 kcal. for the Original
  • 60 kcal. for the Coffee
  • $5 per serving for the Original
  • $3 per serving for the Coffee
  • 12 and 25 packs available here

I'll say this right off the top and I know it's controversial, I'm not a fan of avocados. Something about the lime green goo surrounding a giant pit never appealed to me. So when I saw that the primary ingredient in the Green Moose Fuel was avocado I had a moment of apprehension. However after my first taste I forgot about the qualms with avocado and focused on the full chocolatey flavor that was in the package.

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Consisting of just 5 ingredients, all of which I can pronounce and know what they are, this snack feels adequate, not too overpowering but also doesn't leave you wanting more. This even carries on to the calories here, 180 calories per serving is almost double most other gels at 100 calories. I didn't mind the extra calories as it didn't hang in my stomach like other products. The one caveat is their need to be refrigerated which can be tricky when the fueling requirements go from hours to days.

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The coffee isn't an exception, solid ingredients, great taste and a texture that you won't get sick of. I found the energy I got from it not to be jittery but not super noticeable either. It also has a refrigeration requirement and at only 60 calories per serving I think I would've wanted to see a higher calorie density per unit. However, they still will stay as a part of a nutrition strategy for longer days or workouts where a little boost is required.


  • real ingredients
  • tasty
  • made in the usa


  • pricey to train with on a consistent basis
  • keeping them cold requires some planning


Green Moose Fuel fills a need in the highly artificial world of sports nutrition. The products are delicious, natural, and effective. If you can afford the price of admission you're welcomed into a world of flavorful and healthy fueling.

Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge from Green Moose Fuel at a sample event and the opinions here are the authors unbiased thoughts.